Household Employees working more than 24 hours a month must be registered with the Department of Employment and Labour for UIF and COIDA.

At VC Employee Assist, we are driven to redefine compliance for employers and household employees. VC Employee Assist will register your employees for UIF and COIDA. We will also take over the administrative burden of monthly payments to the UIF and annual payments to the Compensation Fund, ensuring legal compliance.

Our platform simplifies processes and offers you multiple Added Benefits such as Statutory Compliance, Payslip Management, Human Resources Documentation, Training Manuals – All accessible in your own, private portal (similar to an electronic “filing cabinet”).

Benefits for your household employee includes Funeral Cover and Access to apply to a Bursary Fund for themselves, their children or grandchildren.

We do it ALL for YOU

“VC Employee Assist was “born” out of a necessity to comply with amended law pertaining to household employees, which was approved in April 2023 and gazetted on 30 May 2023..”

Possible consequences of non-compliance to Workman’s Compensation (COIDA)

If a household employee has a workplace accident or illness and it arises that the employer has failed to register the employee with the Compensation Fund or has failed/refused to contribute to the Compensation Fund, the employer will be liable for the injuries and can face fines and other penalties determined by the Director-General. Employers are further open to civil claims if something goes wrong at the place of employment.


Household employees encompass a range of roles, including those working within your private household such as cleaners, au pairs, drivers, gardeners, individuals caring for the elderly, sick, frail or disabled. UIF & COIDA must be paid for any such individual working more than 24 hours a month.

Benefits Included

Our package includes all of the below benefits which will be accessible in your own, private portal (similar to an electronic “filing cabinet”) once you have signed up with VC Employee Assist. Please view the Pricing Tab for more information.

Statutory Compliance

Human Resources

Payslip Management

Training Manuals

Funeral Cover

Bursary Fund